February 2017 Staging Tip

Fireplaces are the focal point of the room and therefore should look great when selling your home. This was a fun, inexpensive fireplace remodel. We whitewashed the brick to make it more grey than brown. We painted the mantle white to match the painted trim in the house. And we added beautiful barnwood to the top and some built-in shelves…a necessity to hide all of those unsightly cables.

Fireplace A

Fireplace B

January 2017 Featured Before & After

This before and after is from the entry way you can see in the last post.  Storage was a problem, so we added shoe racks on the left for more functionality.  White trim, neutral walls and a pop of color in the door and accessories make this entry way so much more attractive!  And if you remember the staging tip from last month, these are the ceramic floors that got a new grout color.

Before                                             After

January 2017 Staging Tip of the Month

Sometimes we think of things as one way only.  For example, wrought iron handrails are black, right?  Wrong!  Paint them a contemporary color to give them a whole new look!

Before                                          After

December 2016 Featured Before & After

The homeowner did a lot of work to this house to prepare it before we brought in rental furniture.  Removing the drapes and neutralizing the wall color made all the difference!

Before                                                     After

December 2016 Staging Tip of the Month

Sometimes replacing ceramic tile just isn’t in the budget for home sellers so finding creative ways to work with what you have is necessary.  In the photos below, you will see how the light tile with dark grout makes it look very dated.  The color of the tile was actually perfect with the new wall color, so we just used a grout colorant to change the grout color.  The difference is amazing!

Before                                              After

October 2016 Staging Tip of the Month

This house had been completely remodeled with grey walls and white trim throughout.  The only room not done in this style was the front porch….the first impression room for the whole house.  Making it consistent with the rest of the house was imperative!  This house sold in just a few days on the market!