January 2017 Featured Before & After

This before and after is from the entry way you can see in the last post.  Storage was a problem, so we added shoe racks on the left for more functionality.  White trim, neutral walls and a pop of color in the door and accessories make this entry way so much more attractive!  And if you remember the staging tip from last month, these are the ceramic floors that got a new grout color.

Before                                             After

January 2015 Staging Tip of the Month

If you have a small bedroom, you might think that the best way to stage it would be with a twin bed and minimal furniture.  However, many buyers want bedrooms that will fit full or queen beds so a bedroom staged with just a twin bed might deter them. 
Here, this small bedroom had a queen bed literally shoved up against two walls with only inches left at the foot of the bed.
By replacing the bulky headboard and dresser with narrow versions, we were able to turn the bed to be centered under the window and add 2 small nightstands with lamps.  We also created visual height in the room by adding full height drapery panels against a contrasting wall color.
A beautiful new bedding set and rug certainly help, too!

August Staging Tip of the Month

We try to keep most of our staging tips pretty inexpensive, but sometimes selling a house for the price you want requires some bigger renovations.  This house sat on the market a long time because the kitchen was really in shambles.  The cabinets were minimal, non-matching and the doors didn’t even shut right.  There wasn’t a dishwasher or microwave and all of the finishes were dated.
We helped the homeowner turn this kitchen into a modern space with all new functional cabinetry, contemporary granite countertops with a glass tile backsplash, new flooring and all new stainless appliances.
Huge thank you to Brian’s Cabinets for all your beautiful work!

October Staging Tip of the Month

Staging Tip of the Month

Semi-gloss paint is very good for a lot of things.  But a small bathroom in an older home with a lot of uneven walls is not one of them.  Semi-gloss paint reflects light from every imperfection in a wall so it draws attention away from the good things in the room.  The reflection also makes the room feel smaller.

Here, a softer color paint in an eggshell finish makes this bathroom much more inviting.  We also replaced the large wall shelf with art to give the allusion of more space.  Painting the shelves white made them an accent to the room.  And for those of you following our staging tips, the lighting fixture was from our September tip.

May Featured Before & After

This before and after is from the same home as above.  We suggested that the homeowner paint the room a neutral color. Then we brought in our rental furniture to give the room a very inviting look.  Because it wasn’t in the budget to replace the draperies, we just removed them to let in as much light as possible.  This home sold in just a few weeks!