June Staging Tip of the Month

Old radiators can sometimes be painted odd colors or just need some freshening up.  Painting with a brush can be a bit tedious, so here’s a way to spray them.  Use a very large piece of plastic to go behind the radiator and cover as much of the surrounding walls and floor as possible.  Cut slits to go around the water pipes and feet and then use painters tape to seal the plastic to the floor.  Give the radiator a light sand and thorough cleaning.
Use a spray paint designed for metal in a new color of your choice.
  Open as many windows as possible and wear a mask.  Give the radiator 3 light coats.  Trying to put too much paint on in each coat will result in runs in the paint.
Beautiful new-looking radiator!

October 2011 Staging Tip

Chair Before
Old furniture can make your house feel dated, but can be beautiful with just a few hours of work.  We took a pair of these old chairs (from the Salvation Army for $17!) and gave them a whole new look with some paint and fabric.
Paint and Fabric
First, lightly sand down the wood and spray with a primer.  Then spray with a couple of light coats of paint.  We used Rustoleum’s Heirloom White.  Remove the old fabric and check for any repairs that need to be made.  We tightened up the springs and added a thin layer of foam padding for a bit more softness, but every piece of furniture will be different.  Use the old fabric to cut out a new piece of fabric and staple it back onto the frame.  Fold, cut and add nailheads exactly how the old piece was on.  We used a beautiful piece of houndstooth fabric in ivory and chocolate brown that was less than $6 at Joann Fabric (with a coupon).
Chair After
Do you have one of those old dressers with the trifold mirror on top?  Give it a quick update by removing the mirror completely and adding new cabinet pulls in nickel or oil rubbed bronze.  Hang art or a framed mirror over the dresser for a completely updated look.  Take it a step further by spray painting the dresser (and matching nightstands or headboard) black.  After the paint is dry, go back and lightly sand all the edges for a pretty distressed look.  You will have a completely new bedroom set!

August 2011 Staging Tip

Numbers a
Last month, we showed you how to update a fireplace screen with a little heat resistant spray paint.  Now, just expand your thinking to house numbers, hardware, lighting, picture frames, lamp bases and more.  My favorite spray paint is the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze, but a satin nickel works great, too!  Don’t forget to use painters tape and newspaper to block off the areas you don’t want painted!
numbers bORB Paint