February 2012 Staging Tip

bookshelf a

BEFORE:  For most people, it is so easy to let our shelves become a collection place for paperwork, extra books and everyday items.  Even though there are beautiful items in there, they get lost with all of the visual clutter.
STEP ONE:  If you’re selling your home, make sure to remove all photo albums, paperwork, most paperback books, games, and all but 1 or 2 of your favorite personal photos. Don’t forget to wipe down the shelves while they are pretty clear.
A note about photos:  I prefer to stage with black and white photos and only inside shelves. Personal photos should never be hanging on the wall or sitting at eye level, such as a mantle or buffet.  If you’re not selling, you should have your photos out.  But don’t group them all together in one spot….spread them out around your house so that each photo gets to be admired by itself. 
STEP TWO:  First use the hardcover books on opposite ends of each shelf.  Don’t be afraid to lay them horizontally as well.  Odd numbers of book groupings look best.  Then add in your accessories.  If you don’t have enough accessories, don’t be afraid to add in a small piece of art, a book with a pretty cover standing upright, pinecones, rocks or cool sticks from the yard.  And I always like to have a plant for a little life.  The fake plant on the bottom shelf comes from Wal-mart for just $7.  If you need to have some paperwork or smaller items in your shelf, put them inside a beautiful basket first.

January 2012 Staging Tip


Even if you’re not thinking about selling, the new year often rings in ideas of getting closets organized and donating all of those unused items.  If you find it hard to get rid of clothing that you really don’t wear, commit to this process and you will have an organized closet by this time next year.
Flip all of your hangers around so they are hanging on the rod backwards.  As you wear each piece of clothing, switch the hanger back to it’s regular position.  Vow that on January 1, 2013, you will donate everything that you haven’t worn in 2012.  If it will still be hard for you to get rid of the unworn items…..have your spouse or best friend do it and don’t even look at what’s been donated…..you won’t miss them!
If you are ambitious, upcycle your old clothes!  The internet is loaded with ideas to turn old clothes into new pieces like those below.
vest before
vest after
tshirt scarf