June 2016 Staging Tip of the Month

If you plan to list your home in the winter or very early spring before everything is green, take outdoor photos now while everything is beautiful.  Take photos of gardens, outdoor structures, wildlife that frequent your yard and overall views of your house.  Twilight photos with all the lights on inside the home also give a great impression.  Keep electronic versions of the photos that you can send to your Realtor to use in the marketing.

March 2016 Featured Before and After

This is from the same condo as the kitchen in the last post.  White walls, dark oak trim and tired carpeting did not make this condo stand out above any of the others in the building.  We closed off the opening to the kitchen, added booth seating since this condo lacked storage, painted everything, added new flooring, lighting and beautiful furniture.
And a few more after pictures of the rest of the condo, just for fun!

October Staging Tip of the Month

Staging Tip of the Month

Semi-gloss paint is very good for a lot of things.  But a small bathroom in an older home with a lot of uneven walls is not one of them.  Semi-gloss paint reflects light from every imperfection in a wall so it draws attention away from the good things in the room.  The reflection also makes the room feel smaller.

Here, a softer color paint in an eggshell finish makes this bathroom much more inviting.  We also replaced the large wall shelf with art to give the allusion of more space.  Painting the shelves white made them an accent to the room.  And for those of you following our staging tips, the lighting fixture was from our September tip.

September Staging Tip

Hollywood style bathroom lights (especially when they are wood or brass) can make your bathroom feel very dated.  Here’s a solution that is inexpensive and doesn’t require an electrician.  It’s called the Vanity Light Refresh Kit and it’s available for $37.48 at Lowes.
Here’s a video that shows how easy they are to install:
Vanity Light Refresh Kit
Vanity Light Refresh Kit

November 2012 Staging Tip

If you have an older home, there is a good chance that you have a bathroom with one of these tiny mirrored medicine chests with attached lights.  It can look intimidating to change, but if you take it step by step, it’s pretty easy!
First, shut off the circuit breaker.  Inside the cabinet you will find a few screws to remove.  Then gently pull the cabinet out of the hole and have someone else unhook the wires from the electrical box.
So here’s what it looks like once it’s removed.  In this case, we did a little patching of the drywall between the box and the hole.  After painting the room, we put a new light fixture over the electrical box.  (Follow fixture directions or hire an electrician!)
The last step was to purchase a framed mirror (we got his one at TJ Maxx) that would fill up almost the entire space from the light fixture to the vanity.  Hang it and you’re done!
We also changed out the vanity ($200 from Home Depot) and replaced the floor and fixtures.  What a difference!!!

August 2012 Staging Tip

Granite prices have come down significantly in recent years, and because many buyers expect it in the home they want to purchase, regardless of price range, you may consider replacing your dated countertops.

Orwell Kitchen Before Orwell Kitchen After

Doesn’t it make an amazing difference?  We also had the homeowners switch their pulls and light fixtures from brass to nickel.