March 2014 Staging Tip of the Month

For the second time this year, we have arrived at a vacant home to destage it and have found the heat not working and the pipes frozen.  Both times it was because of a dead battery in the thermostat.  A very simple fix could have saved the homeowners a lot of stress, time and money!!!  Even if you are just leaving your home for the weekend, please check your thermostat to make sure the battery isn’t going dead!  And if you’re selling a vacant home, make sure to check on it weekly!

July Staging Tip

Homes need to be very clean before going on the market.  But what if you’ve scrubbed and scrubbed the grout in your shower and it just won’t come clean?  Do you need to replace the grout?  Sometimes you do, but here’s an inexpensive tip to try first.
Tear strips of paper towel and, using rubber gloves, dip them into bleach.  Twist them into a little rope and lay them over the grout lines.
Let the paper towels sit for 2-3 hours, remove and rinse.
Please note, though, that this will not prevent mold from returning.  You must make sure that there is adequate airflow in the shower after each use.  Alternately, towel dry or squeegee the tile after each use

March 2012 Staging Tip

When selling your home, it’s very important to make sure all the maintenance items are taken care of.  Otherwise, the inspector will point them out and the buyer will more than likely want to take some money off the purchase price to pay for the repairs to be made.
If you have an older home with older windows, the sills or bottoms of the windows can look water damaged from years of condensation.  Here, we removed the storm, lightly sanded off the the water damaged finish and wiped it with some matching stain.
While you have the stain out, touch up any dings around the trim of the window, too.