October 2017 Staging Tip of the Month

In the past, we’ve often recommended that kitchen cabinet pulls be replaced for a quick update.  If you’re willing to take if further, replacing exposed hinges with hidden hinges can help cabinets look even more updated!  These hinges are about $2 each and can be installed fairly easily with a template, drill and special drill bit.  In the photos below, we painted the cabinets white before installing the new hinges, but painting is not necessary if there will not be exposed screw holes from the old hinges.

First, remove the doors from the cabinets and the hinges from the doors.  If you want to paint the cabinets, do it now.  Use the template to mark where holes will be drilled.  Use the special drill bit (purchased by the hinges) to drill the hole per the manufacturer instructions. Install the hinges to the door and then install the door on the cabinets.  Level the door with the leveling screws on the door.  Enjoy your cabinets!




March 2016 Staging Tip of the Month

An older galley style kitchen with minimal storage can often be difficult to envision any other way.
This one got a beautiful makeover!  We didn’t replace cabinets….but instead added a pantry where an opening was and put new cabinet fronts so they would all coordinate.  New flooring, appliances, countertops and backsplash make this kitchen a wow statement!

August Staging Tip of the Month

We try to keep most of our staging tips pretty inexpensive, but sometimes selling a house for the price you want requires some bigger renovations.  This house sat on the market a long time because the kitchen was really in shambles.  The cabinets were minimal, non-matching and the doors didn’t even shut right.  There wasn’t a dishwasher or microwave and all of the finishes were dated.
We helped the homeowner turn this kitchen into a modern space with all new functional cabinetry, contemporary granite countertops with a glass tile backsplash, new flooring and all new stainless appliances.
Huge thank you to Brian’s Cabinets for all your beautiful work!

November 2012 Staging Tip

If you have an older home, there is a good chance that you have a bathroom with one of these tiny mirrored medicine chests with attached lights.  It can look intimidating to change, but if you take it step by step, it’s pretty easy!
First, shut off the circuit breaker.  Inside the cabinet you will find a few screws to remove.  Then gently pull the cabinet out of the hole and have someone else unhook the wires from the electrical box.
So here’s what it looks like once it’s removed.  In this case, we did a little patching of the drywall between the box and the hole.  After painting the room, we put a new light fixture over the electrical box.  (Follow fixture directions or hire an electrician!)
The last step was to purchase a framed mirror (we got his one at TJ Maxx) that would fill up almost the entire space from the light fixture to the vanity.  Hang it and you’re done!
We also changed out the vanity ($200 from Home Depot) and replaced the floor and fixtures.  What a difference!!!

January 2012 Featured Before and After

This living room was a fun transformation for us.  The space was spectacular with huge windows and tall ceilings.  However, the dirty carpet, bland fireplace and old wood cabinetry were not showing well.  We tiled the entire fireplace wall to create a gorgeous focal point, painted the wood work and warmed up the walls.  Furniture really helped create an inviting space for buyers, too.
bayless a
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