October 2015 Featured Before & After

This bathroom is the from the same home as the bedroom in the last post.  Before, the colors were very uniform and the accent blue tile seemed out of place.  By using a richer wall color, we created a contrast with the tile and woodwork to show it off.  Then adding blue art and accessories, we made the accent tile an integral part of the space.

October Staging Tip of the Month

Staging Tip of the Month

Semi-gloss paint is very good for a lot of things.  But a small bathroom in an older home with a lot of uneven walls is not one of them.  Semi-gloss paint reflects light from every imperfection in a wall so it draws attention away from the good things in the room.  The reflection also makes the room feel smaller.

Here, a softer color paint in an eggshell finish makes this bathroom much more inviting.  We also replaced the large wall shelf with art to give the allusion of more space.  Painting the shelves white made them an accent to the room.  And for those of you following our staging tips, the lighting fixture was from our September tip.

September Staging Tip

Hollywood style bathroom lights (especially when they are wood or brass) can make your bathroom feel very dated.  Here’s a solution that is inexpensive and doesn’t require an electrician.  It’s called the Vanity Light Refresh Kit and it’s available for $37.48 at Lowes.
Here’s a video that shows how easy they are to install:
Vanity Light Refresh Kit
Vanity Light Refresh Kit

July Staging Tip

Homes need to be very clean before going on the market.  But what if you’ve scrubbed and scrubbed the grout in your shower and it just won’t come clean?  Do you need to replace the grout?  Sometimes you do, but here’s an inexpensive tip to try first.
Tear strips of paper towel and, using rubber gloves, dip them into bleach.  Twist them into a little rope and lay them over the grout lines.
Let the paper towels sit for 2-3 hours, remove and rinse.
Please note, though, that this will not prevent mold from returning.  You must make sure that there is adequate airflow in the shower after each use.  Alternately, towel dry or squeegee the tile after each use

March 2013 Staging Tip

Are you not sure that you can look at that old dark woodwork one more day?  Waiting until you can afford to replace it all?  Lighten it up by paiting it white or cream now for very little cost.  Here is a great blog with step by step directions.  The only thing I would add is to use a paintable caulk to fill gaps before painting. http://www.livelovediy.com/2012/04/how-to-paint-trim.html
Photo courtesy of LiveLoveDIY

November 2012 Staging Tip

If you have an older home, there is a good chance that you have a bathroom with one of these tiny mirrored medicine chests with attached lights.  It can look intimidating to change, but if you take it step by step, it’s pretty easy!
First, shut off the circuit breaker.  Inside the cabinet you will find a few screws to remove.  Then gently pull the cabinet out of the hole and have someone else unhook the wires from the electrical box.
So here’s what it looks like once it’s removed.  In this case, we did a little patching of the drywall between the box and the hole.  After painting the room, we put a new light fixture over the electrical box.  (Follow fixture directions or hire an electrician!)
The last step was to purchase a framed mirror (we got his one at TJ Maxx) that would fill up almost the entire space from the light fixture to the vanity.  Hang it and you’re done!
We also changed out the vanity ($200 from Home Depot) and replaced the floor and fixtures.  What a difference!!!

April 2012 Staging Tip

mirror before mirror after

This is a new staging tip that we haven’t even tried yet!  We found it on Pinterest, posted from a blog on www.thesitsgirls.com.  Many of you have wall mirrors where the edges behind the glass are starting to chip away.  This is an $18 fix….and it’s gorgeous!
mirror tools
At any home improvement store, you can find sheets of 2×2 tiles like these and some adhesive.  Trim the backing around the tiles, put a dallop of adhesive on the back and stick it to the mirror.  You may have to use some painters tape to hold some in place while they dry.

December 2011 Staging Tip

Tile Tattoo I recently learned about this staging tip, but haven’t had a chance to try it on any of our projects yet.  They are called tile tattoos.  If you have those dated accent tiles in your kitchen or bath, you can cover them up with one of these stylish designs.  What a clever way to get rid of the country fruit in your kitchen or the pink and grey swans in your bathroom!
Click here for a link to the website.  When choosing a design, make sure it has a white background…..the clear backgrounds won’t cover up your old design.

June 2011 Staging Tip

Bathroom Before
If you have one of those old shower doors that is leaking or just won’t come clean, you’re not alone.  A beautiful and inexpensive option is to replace those doors with an oil rubbed bronze or nickel shower rod and rings and a rich fabric shower curtain.  Just make sure to caulk the holes from the shower door with a caulk in similar color to your tile.  And use a weighted shower liner so that water doesn’t leak out onto your floor while you’re showering!
Bathroom after