October 2017 Staging Tip of the Month

In the past, we’ve often recommended that kitchen cabinet pulls be replaced for a quick update.  If you’re willing to take if further, replacing exposed hinges with hidden hinges can help cabinets look even more updated!  These hinges are about $2 each and can be installed fairly easily with a template, drill and special drill bit.  In the photos below, we painted the cabinets white before installing the new hinges, but painting is not necessary if there will not be exposed screw holes from the old hinges.

First, remove the doors from the cabinets and the hinges from the doors.  If you want to paint the cabinets, do it now.  Use the template to mark where holes will be drilled.  Use the special drill bit (purchased by the hinges) to drill the hole per the manufacturer instructions. Install the hinges to the door and then install the door on the cabinets.  Level the door with the leveling screws on the door.  Enjoy your cabinets!




August 2017 Staging Tip of the Month

If you own a rental property, you know the importance of finding good renters.  Use staging to attract the best renters possible, both through the online photos as well as the showings.  Staging can also make small spaces look functional for renters.

July 2017 Featured Before & After

This was a fun room to redesign!  We moved the leather sofas to the more casual family room and brought in the homeowners grey sectional.  The rest of the furniture was brought in to create a cohesive color palette and show off the room’s size and view!

Living A Living B

July 2017 Staging Tip of the Month

First impressions are everything!  When getting your house ready to sell, make sure to focus on the entry way and any rooms that buyers see within the first 30 seconds of entering your home.  Here, we gave this entry way a complete facelift by using the homeowners grey cabinet from another part of the home, adding a large piece of art that highlighted the size of the space and adding a beautiful rug, lamp and accessories.

Entry A Entry B