October 2015 Featured Before & After

This bathroom is the from the same home as the bedroom in the last post.  Before, the colors were very uniform and the accent blue tile seemed out of place.  By using a richer wall color, we created a contrast with the tile and woodwork to show it off.  Then adding blue art and accessories, we made the accent tile an integral part of the space.

October 2015 Staging Tip of the Month

The buyers of your home will most likely use the master bedroom, so spend your time and money making it look the nicest of all the bedrooms.

Before, this room was okay, but we wanted it to feel even more inviting and serene.  A little softer color on the wall, a seating area and the pale blues in the bedding, lamps, pillows and art all work wonders.  The biggest transforming piece however, was the draperies which add both height and softness to the room!