May 2015 Featured Before & After

These homeowners had some great pieces to start with, but we just needed to add a few things to get it ready for sale.  A few occasional tables, pillows, artwork and accessories made it look stunning!

May 2015 Staging Tip of the Month

Bedrooms can often look a little boring and worn.  This bedroom is very lack luster, which only enhances the bright carpet color that most buyers would not be crazy about. There is no headboard, the pillows look very used and there is no personality.

Starting at the bottom…..add a bed skirt!  If your comforter came with one, add it.  If not, a flat white sheet tucked in at the corners works great.  Make your bed with a “hotel fold”.  This means turning down the comforter and tightening the sheets to create layers, which creates interest.  Now, put those everyday pillows against the wall (where they won’t be seen) and add one or two layers of shammed pillows and 2 or 3 throw pillows.  When you do this, you don’t even miss the headboard!

Add the finishing touches of 2 matching lamps, coordinating art over the bed, a stack of books and a few accessories (I like a silk plant in every room to add life).  Now this is an inviting bedroom for yourself, your guests, or a buyer!!!!