January 2015 Featured Before & After

The homeowner of this beautiful home made lots of improvements prior to listing, but our favorite was the staining of the parquet floors to a dark mocha.  It completely updated the home!  We staged the home with a mix of our furniture and the homeowners.  This Shorewood home is on the market now, so let us know if you would like more information.

January 2015 Staging Tip of the Month

If you have a small bedroom, you might think that the best way to stage it would be with a twin bed and minimal furniture.  However, many buyers want bedrooms that will fit full or queen beds so a bedroom staged with just a twin bed might deter them. 
Here, this small bedroom had a queen bed literally shoved up against two walls with only inches left at the foot of the bed.
By replacing the bulky headboard and dresser with narrow versions, we were able to turn the bed to be centered under the window and add 2 small nightstands with lamps.  We also created visual height in the room by adding full height drapery panels against a contrasting wall color.
A beautiful new bedding set and rug certainly help, too!