December Featured Before & After

The photos that are on the MLS for a listing can make all the difference in whether a potential buyer comes to see your home or not.  Nothing about the home below has changed except the furniture that we used to stage it, and with the new photos on the MLS, this home was sold in less than a month!

December Staging Tip of the Month

If you are selling your home during the Christmas season, it can be challenging to know how to “stage” your home.  It may be helpful to think about how a department store decorates to appeal to the largest percentage of their customers.  This year, don’t bring out the homemade ornaments, blow up yard decorations or large nativity scenes.  A tree is fine but keep decorations simple and color coordinated.  Also make sure that all Christmas decor is packed up by January 2nd.  If your online photos have Christmas decor in them, make sure to have them replaced by the first week of January.  However, you can keep a pot of greens on your front steps, just remove any ornaments or red bows you might have in them.