October 2012 Staging Tip

A wall of mirrors can feel quite dated, but be very intimidating to think about removing.  Most mirrors are glued to the wall with construction adhesive.  Using a putty knife or small crow bar can usually pop them off the wall without breaking them.  Then you have to sand down the spots (a power sander is a good idea) and then patch them if they aren’t smooth.  A couple times of sanding and patching should ensure a smooth wall.
Vertical blinds are probably our least favorite type of window treatment.  They are cold, sterile and institutional.  Here we replaced them with floor to ceiling draperies.  The draperies not only add softness to a room, but in the case of tall windows, it emphazied the height of the room and gave it drama.  Because these windows were so big, we had to order an extra long drapery rod and sew two drapery panels together to get the length we wanted.  We used panels from Walmart so the total cost was still less than $175.

Mcknight living a    Mcknight living b

A nuetral wall color, new carpet and rented furniture finished off this room!