2 thoughts on “February 2012 Featured Before and After

  1. Thanks for sharing all your rooms. I’m like you, transitioning a darker color scheme to light and bright! When we renovated (built in a garage) a couple of years ago we replaced our oak cabinets for white in the kitchen, added beadboard a few places and painted most of our wood trim, repainted our walls, etc. We’re not DIY so we hired someone to do most of it. Now, I love my home!! I still have a few more projects. I’m actually repainting my dining room this week because I just didn’t love the color we picked before because my husband didn’t get the whole white thing. Now my dining room will be closer to what I envisioned. I just have to figure out what to do with my chandelier which I still love but has shiny brass. Blach! Have you spray painted a light before? Any recommendations?

    • Absolutely, you can spray a light fixture. Just make sure to remove any glass pieces, shove wads of papertowel or tape into the bulb sockets and cover the surfaces below the chandelier. I love the Rustoleum Textured Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint….it comes in a little taller can with a spray trigger. Depending on the style of your fixture, new shades can update it as well! Please post some before and after pictures once you’re done!

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